Can Cancers Be Cured?

Can Cancers Be Cured?


Above is one of the chemotherapy that is used to fight against many different types of cancer.

It’s effective in curing cancer at early stages, controlling advanced cancer and palliate (providing patients with symptoms relief) at late stage. 

Instead, patients choose apricot seed, snake grass leaves, Vit B17 or others.

There is always newer ‘treatments/ supplements’ after a certain duration when people start realising that the older ones are not effective.

Previously, it was Vitamin B17, then it was Sabah snake grass.

Now, I think apricot seed is trending after both the earlier ‘treatments’ failed to elicit even slight improvement.

Image for illustration; fungating breast lesion.

When patients condition worsened, they come back to us.

  • From curable stage to incurable.
  • From incurable stage to very symptomatic (breathless non-stop, severe pain that causes sleepless nights and days, fungating tumor or ulcers that bleed and emit smelly discharges, paralysis due to cord compression and others).
MRI showing cord compression in patient with metastatic prostate cancer –> bilateral lower limbs paralysis

I can ‘close one eye’ when people who sell supplements, which can results in fairer skin, slimmer body, bulkier muscles, bigger boobs or etc.

You crossed the line when you put patients’ life at risk; not only cancer patients but hypertensive patients, diabetic patients and patients with heart diseases also.


Regulation is only part of the solution.

Often, once a product is deemed supplements, herbal or health tonic, it escape the very-super-extremely stringent pharmaceutical regulations that applies only on medications.

I can’t understand why all those useless and harmful ‘treat-all’ alternative supplements can be allowed into the market in the first place?

If it’s beyond your scope of responsibility? Expand and enforce it then.

Zero study on those supplements for cancer treatment also can approve but proven life saving and life prolonging cancer treatments backed by well conducted clinical trials take ages to be approved, WTH.

National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authorities (NPRA), Malaysia. Should its oversight be expanded, i.e having our own Malaysia food and drug agency (M-FDA?) that will be able to regulate more efficiently produce which claimed to have medicinal properties up to pharmaceutical grade medicine?

Our own national pharmaceutical regulatory authorities (NPRA) are so strict with drugs/ medications that already had approval from even stricter FDA or EMA but are so lenient when it comes to approving supplements which do not provide an iota of benefit or efficacy data.

Please (hand-clasped) change the mindset and re-align your focus at all unproven supplements out there claiming to be effective in treating cancers and 101 other diseases.

Approving supplements just because they do not contain toxic substances is not adequate.

And if got extra time or extra staffs, to regulate those supplements which I ‘close one eye’ earlier also.

Patient Education

The truth is not what patients want to hear.

I can’t promise cure if patients are having advanced cancer and cancer had spread/ metastasised to other parts of the body (if just spread to just one part of the body, cure might still be possible).

It’s just not possible once there is widespread metastasis.

However, cancer is very much curable in earlier stages (hence, the above title of my posting today).

It’s not easy to convince patients, especially when I’m against irresponsible people who sell ‘miracle’ supplements that can treat-and-cure-all.

It didn’t help also when their family and friends also suggest this and that to them. It’s a daily battle for me in the clinic.

Side effects? With adequate hydration and pre-medications (medications that are given before chemotherapy such as anti-vomiting, anti-diarrhoea, anti-allergic, etc), side effects from chemotherapy are so much lesser these days.

Patients should just visit our daycare and talk to patients who are in their 50s, 60s and even 70s having their chemotherapy treatment.

They will tell you that it’s mostly tolerable.

The ones who had slightly more side effects are those who curi-curi continue taking their alternative medications or those who doesn’t drink enough water.



IMHO, MOH need to allow doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to promote their services and products.

Availability? Do patients know that whatever chemotherapy, biologic therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy available in Singapore is available here also? Similarly, in both countries, patients need to pay for advance (targeted therapy, immunotherapy, etc) treatment.

Price? Similar immunotherapy treatment can cost RM9000 in Kuala Lumpur and SGD9000 in Singapore.

Treatment regimes? Do they know treatment regimes used in Singapore is similar as in Malaysia also? Oncologists cannot simple create their own ‘recipes’. We follow strictly international guidelines backed by evidence from clinical trials.

Patients won’t know all these if government does not allow promotion by doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Instead, those selling supplements can promote everywhere with unsubstantiated claims and get away with it.

Why? Because nobody regulates them.

It will be good if someone look into it and level the field.



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